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Why Most Consumers Hate How Their Real Estate Calls are Handled

Could you be missing out on business because of how you handle client calls?

Chicago Agent magazine published an interesting article this morning on consumer satisfaction with real estate companies’ phone manner:

New research from the PH Media Group has found that only 28 percent of American consumers are satisfied with the way real estate businesses handle their phone calls. The study also found that the standards for phone manner for the real estate business are below the American average of 32 percent.

“Poor call handling is a frustrating experience for the American consumer, and can be the difference between attracting new business and putting potential clients off permanently,” said Mark Williamson, sales and marketing director of PH Media Group. “Companies that provide a top-class call handling experience can distinguish themselves from the competition. But the research results suggest real estate firms still have a lot of work to do in this respect.”

You already know that the way you talk to clients – both in person and on the phone – is a huge part of your professional image. But do you know which conversational pitfalls to avoid, and what communication techniques can help you gain new business?

If you aren’t sure, then it might be time to brush up on your communication skills. Real estate is all about relationships, and if you want to win prospects’ business (and make your clients so happy that they’ll send you referrals) then your interactions with them must be polished and purposeful every time.


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