Large 3 Story House in the Suburbs

How to Make Your Seller’s Home Irresistible


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the photos you upload to a listing tell a detailed story not only about the house…but also about your skill as an agent.

Over at Miami Agent, VHT Studios CEO Brian Balduf wrote up the five steps to getting the perfect shot of a home, an art in its own right – but one that can be learned and mastered all the same.


You may not realize it, but a real estate shoot is one of the most difficult and complex types of photography. So how do professional real estate photographers capture the magic of a home the way hobbyists, iPhone Instagrammers and other amateurs can’t? -Brian Balduf


Are you confident you can capture the essence of a home in your listings? Getting the perfect shot is one thing, but the listing as a whole has a lot of moving parts that must all be optimized to make the best impression.


Learn how the pros prepare their listings for the market. 

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