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The 4 reasons why real estate teams fail

Don’t let these four mistakes derail your real estate team’s success.

Starting a real estate team isn’t an easy task for the team leader. Here we run through the four most common reasons real estate teams fail, so you can avoid these mistakes as you build a successful team.

  • Poor recruiting planning – Hiring agents without a long-term recruiting plan can lead to quick turnover and ultimately hinder your team’s growth. Your recruitment systems should be based on where you see your business in 10 years, and how you will encourage agents to achieve the levels of success that you envision.


  • Hiring for the wrong reasons – Just because you have a good feeling about a someone, does not mean they are the right person for the position you are looking to fill. While you may have a gut feeling about someone, it’s always a smart idea to utilize a personality assessment tool, such as the DISC behavioral assessment, when meeting with potential new team members. By identifying the candidate’s personality profile you can determine whether they have the right personality to succeed in the role. Remember, you aren’t looking to hire someone with the same skills you already bring to the table – you want people on your team with complementary skills and traits.


  • Insufficient training – Continued training and support is critical to the success of your team. When a team has insufficient training, team members lose sight of expectations, priorities and goals. This can lead decrease in quality of work and drag on the team’s success. Whether you’ve hired a rookie agent or a seasoned professional, ongoing training is necessary in an industry that is constantly changing.


  • Micromanagement – Team leaders tend to have type-A personalities, which often tend to to micromanage and develop overwhelming workloads, which can lead to an unhappy team. The point of hiring team members is to alleviate the workload on a team leader, but many times leaders have difficulty delegating tasks out of fear that someone else won’t do the job correctly. It’s important to keep in mind that your staff specializes in certain areas, and by giving up control you allow them to do their job so you can devote all your attention to your own tasks.
The 4 Reasons Why Teams Fail | AgentEDU.com

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