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The 4 things every effective branding ad needs

Catch the eye of potential clients with these four essentials to every effective branding advertisement.

Successfully attracting new clients to grow your real estate business can be challenging if you don’t know how to maximize on your brand advertising. Below are four elements every brand advertisement needs to catch the eye of potential clients so you can convert the leads.

Company Name, Logo & Slogan – Including your name, company name and logo in all branding material should be instinctive, but you’ll also want to remember to include a slogan that’s unique to your brand. Your slogan should be catchy, consistent with your brokerage’s theme and communicate to clients that you know what you are doing. Your slogan should appear on your website, social media accounts and all branding materials.

Contact information – The point of distributing brand advertising is to grow your business. In order to generate leads, you’ll need to make sure all your contact information is displayed clearly on your advertisements. This includes your phone number, email address and link to your website. Agents who make it easy for consumers to contact them are more likely to convert potential homebuyers into clients. 

Professional Photography – Whether it’s your headshot or images of listings, the photos featured in your advertisements should be taken by a professional photographer. While it may seem trivial to spend money on a professional photographer, quality photos will stand out to consumers, and demonstrate your willingness to invest in business and your clients. 

Testimonials From Former Clients – Client testimonials are a great way to demonstrate your success. After a great experience with a client, ask them if they are willing to provide a testimonial that could be used for advertising purposes in the future. If they agree, you can include their testimonial in your advertisements. Potential clients will look positively on endorsements from past clients as a reason to hire you.

4 Things Every Effective Branding Ad Needs | AgentEDU.com

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