The 5 Lead Generation Basics Real Estate Agents Can’t Afford to Mess Up

To make a living selling real estate, you need clients.

The life cycle of your leads – how you acquire them, convert them into paying clients, and handle the purchase and closing process – will define your business, but many new agents mishandle opportunities when they’re starting out, missing out on countless commissions.

The best agents – the top producers who sell millions of dollars in real estate every year – are lead generation experts. They’ve built their networks from the bottom up, and many of them enjoy lucrative referral business, which is key to running a sustainable real estate business.

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The Real Estate Agent’s Simple 3-Step Marketing Plan

With 2016 well underway, your marketing plan should be set in action.

Many agents we ask about marketing here at AgentEDU™ will immediately launch into tactics, without the context of larger goals or strategies. It makes sense, since tactics – the actual steps you will take to achieve something – are concrete and easy to check off as they’re completed.

Many agents have an intuitive view of their goals (“sell more”) but breaking them down into actionable steps can be deceptively tricky. The truth is that many agents don’t understand the difference between objectives, strategies and tactics, and how these elements fit together to form a marketing plan.

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