This Week in Real Estate: Microapartments, Vacation Home Sales Slip, and More

There’s a lot going on in the real estate industry this week. Don’t miss a beat with our weekly real estate news roundup:

  • As home and rental prices continue to rise, consumers are turning to new housing trends in order to save money. took a look at how the housing market is working to meet the needs of consumers with microapartments, co-living, tiny homes and more.
  • Women and minorities are missing out on one of the biggest tax benefits available simply because they aren’t borrowing to buy homes. To learn more about the disparity in mortgage borrowing Trulia took an in depth look at U.S. households using the Census’ 2014 American Community Survey.
  • According to NAR’s 2016 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey, vacation-home sales in U.S. during 2015 were down 18.5 percent from 2014.  See what Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, has to say about the slip in vacation-home sales at World Property Journal.
  • Destroyed or withheld evidence is hampering Move Inc.’s argument in its case against Zillow. Realtor Mag expands on forensic expert Byron Lloyd-Jones’ findings after reviewing all electronic devices used by Move executives Errol Samuelson and Curt Beardsley.

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