The 3 Counter-offer Strategies All Agents Must Master

After your clients have received an offer on their home, they’ll need your professional advice when deciding how to counter the offer. The best agents have an understanding of the buyer’s situation and will know how to strategize accordingly. Watch our video below for possible strategies you can use when countering a real estate offer.

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Why You Can’t Afford to Skimp on Your Real Estate Business Plan

Although it’s tempting to skip business planning altogether, or just to skip the (important) step of writing it down, most successful agents say that the initial step of writing out a business plan started them on their path to success. Watch our video below to learn how to write a business plan that will set you on the path to profit.



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Land The Listing: 5 Steps To A Killer Listing Presentation

With so much at stake for your client, how can you prove you’re up to the challenge of selling their home? Your best bet is blowing them away with your listing presentation. In our video below, you’ll learn the five basic steps to a killer presentation that will land you the listing you’ve worked hard to get.



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The First Rule Of Winning Real Estate Negotiations For Your Clients

A successful agent always positions their client to have the most power during negotiations. Watch our video below to learn how to get your clients the outcome they need at the negotiation table.

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How to Identify the Best Leads for Your Real Estate Business

Leads are the lifeblood of a real estate agent’s business, but some leads are more valuable than others. Learn where to find them and how to budget your time and efforts effectively for profitable lead generation. In our video below, you’ll learn the difference between leads from client referrals and purchased leads, and the advantages of each.

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Real Estate Negotiation: Why a Win-Win Outcome May Not Be in Your Client’s Best Interest

It doesn’t always work out that everyone gets to walk away from the negotiation table with exactly what they want. A win-win scenario isn’t always what’s best for your client. Learn how to tell which negotiation strategies are appropriate for the current market conditions and your client’s situation. Watch our video below to learn one of the most important rules to follow in real estate negotiations.


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