Become a top agent in any market: Winning strategies to double your income in 2023

by Sherri Johnson

As you maximize the remainder of 2022 and prepare your business plan for 2023, I want to share six proven success strategies. They will help you double (or even triple) your business, work less while making more, experience less stress, be more proactive and build a recession-proof, financial crisis-proof and virtually anything-proof real estate business.

For your next 10 deals, set weekly and monthly lead goals. Most agents look at how many homes they have sold in the past tense. You need to be totally focused on future opportunities and be hyperfocused on where your next 10 deals are coming from. Have your agents focus on building a pipeline of potential listing and buyer leads. They need to focus on NEW business, and not just focus on what they have sold or focus all their time on closings. Focusing on “lead” goals ensures you are always looking for more client relationships for the months to come.

You’re sitting on a gold mine. Build your $10, $20, $50 or $100+ million pipeline of buyer and seller leads. You have more lead opportunities than you realize. Go through your database of clients you sold homes to, open house registration lists, emails, texts and your CRM, and build your pipeline. You will be so amazed what your total pipeline is worth in potential business. Keep track of these leads and convert them into appointments. Download a complimentary e-book at, and start using it immediately to grow your pipeline quickly.

Avoid the “three eggs in a basket” mentality. Don’t make the mistake of only paying attention to and servicing 3-5 seemingly “A” motivated buyers. The proverbial roller coaster ride of selling a house one month, then not selling any houses after, ensues. If those people buy a home, great; you have a couple sales and closings. But now you have no pipeline and must start over prospecting. When you always have a larger, wider-cast list of potential buyer and seller leads, you will create listings and sales, prompting your own success.

Sell 3-5 homes from every sale. You should be selling 3-5 additional homes for every listing or sale by maximizing those listings and sales and generating buyer and listing leads from those sales. Too often, agents are only focused on the sale at hand — the sale that they just completed, and that is the end of it, and no further opportunities were created. This is the case with most agents.

Create a 95%-referral business. Top agents create clients for life. They also create more business opportunities from their clients and create a 90-95% referral rate. Their business is coming from their services, their relationships and their constant connection with their sphere of influence and clients. Everyone they create these relationships with knows their unique value proposition and willingly refers everyone they know to buy and sell through this agent. You can create clients for life and referrals from your sphere by being intentional with a plan. Top agents connect with their sphere and client base at minimum twice per month. These connections can be digital, mail, phone call, text, in-person meetings, client and sphere appreciation events, email … the list goes on and on. Create your intentional plan to connect with your clients, your sphere and your vendors, and create value for these people. You can create a VIP loyalty group and thank your referrals with fantastic gifts and surprise value.

Set a weekly listing appointment goal. If you set only one goal every week, that one goal should be to set a weekly listing appointment goal for a certain number of listing appointments you schedule in your calendar. This is the highest-dollar-producing activity you can do for yourself. Hit this number each week, and you will be a listing machine. For example, if you set a weekly goal of having four conversations or appointments to see homes and talk to sellers, that equates to 16 listing appointments in a month. You will list upward of six new listings per month. This strategy works and will double your listings.

Sherri Johnson is the CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting.

Save time and automate! Freshdesk is one tech tool you should not be without

In this fiercely competitive market, a modern real estate agent requires innovative technologies to succeed. Having an automated communication system is key to helping you save time to grow your business and provide your clients with the most effective service.

Nowadays, clients want prompt, individualized communication through channels of their choice — some prefer emails, some prefer texts and others through apps or other means. With so many options, it can be hard for us agents to keep up. The solution is to digitize your customer engagement.

Check out Freshdesk, an intuitive, omnichannel customer support platform, which does just that.

What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is cloud-based customer support software that’s feature-rich and user-friendly. With a variety of support channels available, such as live chat, phone, email and social media, it helps you assist consumers in their chosen mode of communication. In short, it is online cloud-based customer service software that offers support with all smart automation systems to do the work more efficiently and faster.

How does Freshdesk work?

Freshdesk enables real estate agents to:

1. Keep all data in one place

Maintain and track customer information, do away with various systems, emails, spreadsheets, etc. Instead, utilize a single, easily accessible system of records to manage all of your business dealings in one place.

2. Address customer needs with ease

Deliver customized experiences every time a customer contacts you via phone, email, social media, WhatsApp, live chat or Apple Business Chat. One of the keys to preserving a positive client relationship is personalization.

3. Increase output

Automate repetitive, time-consuming activities to speed up your service and make resources readily available. Quick responses and problem-solving demonstrate your sincere respect for your client’s time.

4. Cooperate with clients as a team

Give your internal and client-facing team members the tools they need to collaborate and communicate without difficulty to address clients’ needs and to facilitate a smooth transaction.

Some of the Pros and Cons of FreshDesk

The Pros:

• Simple to use

• Inexpensive

• Stylish and practical design

• Provides an expansive platform for customer assistance

• Automates advanced workflows

• Numerous integrations with other Freshworks products are simple
Mobile applications available for both iOS and Android devices


• SMS and Instagram integration are not available

• Limited rules and automation

• Can be challenging to set up

• Poor dashboard (Please note that Freshdesk Analytics is still in beta. The current dashboard only provides essential functionality)

• Support for all essential functionality is not particularly inventive compared to alternatives

• Not all the plans provide dashboards and analytics

Freshdesk Pricing

Freshdesk offers four pricing plans:

1. Free plan

Gives access up to 10 real estate agents for the basics.

2. Growth plan: $18/month or $180/year

Intuitive, industry-leading support for developing businesses. Includes all features in the free plan, including agent collision detection, plus automation, business hours, SLA management and more.

3. Pro plan: $59/month

High performance using advanced automation. Includes all growth plan features, custom apps, time tracking, performance reports, CSAT survey and a multilingual knowledge base.

4. Enterprise plan: $95/month

Fully functional with bots for business-level support.

Additionally, you can buy extra add-ons if the listed plans do not suit your requirements.

Bottom Line

Freshdesk offers the most comprehensive and user-friendly assistance across all channels from a single, unified platform to quickly answer client concerns with workforce automation. It’s a great way to keep things straight and automated, allowing you to reduce repetitive tasks and save time. Having a system like this in place will maintain client satisfaction and provide a better client service. Who wouldn’t want that? Happier clients mean a happier bottom line for your business.

Anne Ewasko is a veteran Realtor in the Chicago area and a longtime techie. Visit her at