3 Habits Successful Agents Use for Peak Productivity

One of the biggest struggles for real estate professionals can be maintaining peak productivity when the nature of the real estate business can have you pulled in a million directions. Being frazzled or appearing unorganized could, at best, detract from your professional image. At worst, it could cause you to miss valuable opportunities to grow your business. 

Let’s look at some of the ways you can plan your day for peak productivity and some real-life examples of how you can implement these strategies in your real estate business. 

#1. Identify the Times When You Are Most Focused

Some people feel most productive early in the day, while others feel the most productive over lunch, or even on Friday evenings. Spend some time paying attention to how you naturally work and when you feel the most alert. Then, once you know when you work at your best, block out this time on your calendar each day to work on the tasks that most impact your real estate business. 

You’ll never be able to gauge when and where your clients will need you next, but blocking out your “most focused” hours for lead gen or marketing duties can mean you’re knocking those items off your to-do list quickly. 

Pro Tip: Lead follow-up is one of the most important aspects of the real estate business. Use your most focused hours on personal follow-up. This is a great time to also make sure your CRM is up-to-date with your latest client touch-points. 

#2. Create Routines — and Stick to Them

One of the best habits an agent can adopt to increase their productivity is to establish set routines — and then stick with them. Develop a solid morning and evening routine that you can easily repeat each day, and you will naturally see your productivity increase. 

Morning routine habits, such as catching up on current events or a good workout, can set you up for success for the rest of the day. Likewise, a solid evening routine will help you wind down for the day and get on the right track for the next day. Reflect on the day, thinking of what you did well — and what you’d like to accomplish tomorrow. Lastly, make time to do something that you enjoy each evening, whether it’s connecting with family or friends, or a personal hobby.

Pro Tip: To maximize your productivity, consider creating a to-do list each night for the next morning. Then, prioritize those tasks to keep your day flowing. When you do this the night before, it sets the stage for peak productivity. 

#3. Don’t Forget To Ask for Help  

Seasoned real estate professionals know that — even at peak productivity — you can’t do everything alone. Whether you hire an administrative assistant, a closing coordinator or a buyer’s agent, sometimes operating at peak productivity means seeking help for the things that don’t make it to the top of your personal to-do list. 

Pro Tip: Hire help in the areas where you’re the weakest or don’t have the time to give your full attention (examples: your website, social media, CRM management, lead qualification). This will free up your time to focus on the other (more strategic) areas of your business. 

How Do You Prioritize Your Time? 

By understanding when you’re most productive, sticking to your key routines, and outsourcing when possible, you’ll quickly see your productivity increase. To learn more about designing your day for peak productivity and developing your professional image, sign up for our AgentEDU course Developing Your Professional Real Estate Image today.


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