3 top CRMs for real estate agents

There’s no one CRM that meets the unique needs of all agents, but there is one CRM that meets your individual needs.


With dozens of CRMs available for real estate agents to choose from, how can you know which will serve as the most effective lead generation tool? What about the other features you need to manage your contacts? We took a look at Fit Small Business’ comparison of the top three real estate CRMs – Top Producer, Contactually and REthink – to help you determine what CRM is best for your business model.

  1. Top Producers – At $40 per month per agent, Top Producer offers MLS integration, email templates, auto responders, a follow-up coach (which picks five contacts for users to follow up with every day) and the ability to categorize contacts into different groups. One of the biggest draws of Top Producers is its direct integration with lead sources, which automatically pulls lead data, eliminating the mundane and time-consuming task of typing that information in yourself. If users can see past the dated interface and learning curve, Top Producers is a great CRM option for real estate agents.
  2. ContactuallyContactually specializes in building and maintaining relationships with clients in a fun and easy way. The company offers a three-tiered pricing plan that’s available on a month-to-month or annual basis. Of the many features offered in the three-tiered plan, two truly stand out: Buckets and Programs. Buckets is Contactually’s lead organization system. It allows users to create categorized buckets where leads, clients and former clients can be stored. Programs are actions that can be set up to automatically send emails, reminders, tasks and more to the categorized buckets. Users can choose which bucket of leads gets which automated action, and when. If users don’t mind the lack of MLS access, Contactually is another great option.
  3. REthink – REthink is a valuable CRM for real estate teams and smaller brokerages, with its most impressive feature being its MLS integration. REthink’s advanced MLS features allow users to automatically match leads to listings that fit customer preferences, and generate listings pages to send to buyers via email. REthink also allows agents to categorize contacts, send automated emails and set follow-up reminders. REthink costs about $316 per month and requires users to have at least three other agents to purchase the software with, so it would make the most sense for a team or office.

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