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8 Roles You Need to Hire for Your Real Estate Team

Build your real estate team one role at a time.Once you’ve decided it’s time to build a real estate team, where do you start? We’ve listed the eight real estate team roles that all team leaders should fill to grow their business.

#1. Personal Assistant

Your first hire should always be a personal assistant. Many agents look into creating a real estate team because their workload has become too much for one agent to handle. Starting with an assistant to help with the small details, such as scheduling appointments, will allow you to focus on making money and building your team.

#2. Buyer Specialist

Generally, buyer clients require more attention than sellers, making a buyer specialist a natural second hire. A buyer specialist can provide the time and attention that your buyer clients deserve when it comes to home approval with a professional lender, home selections and showings, offer submissions, negotiation, walk throughs and closings. 

#3. Listing Specialist

A listing specialist is a valuable addition to your lead generation efforts. These specialists manage lead generation for new listings, attend listing presentations, consult with seller clients, obtain new listings, track listing progress and help to negotiate contracts.

#4. Transaction Coordinator

A transaction coordinator is responsible for managing all the tasks and paperwork involved in a real estate transaction. From preparing documents to processing transactions to loading listings into the MLS, transaction coordinators are a valuable addition to your real estate team.

#5. Marketing Director

A marketing director will oversee all communications, public relations and promotional activities that support branding and marketing strategy. This includes managing your database, direct mail campaigns, website content, promotions for listings, lead generation and more.

#6. Listing Coordinator

The listing coordinator will work with the listing specialist to load listings to the MLS, promote listings, handle listing paperwork and develop marketing plans for listings.

#7. Showing Assistant

Attending showings can be time consuming: you have to prep the property, tour attendees through the home and answer potential homebuyers’ questions. This may not seem like much at first glance, but hiring a showing assistant can save you and your listing specialist time that could be spent on more important tasks.

#8. Sales Manager

While team leaders should always keep an eye on their team members, sales managers can assist in carrying out the team leader’s vision and holding the team accountable for production. Team leaders generally hire a sales manager to handle team morale, along with hiring, firing and training team members.

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