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The 5 Steps of A Killer Listing Presentation

Real estate agents have a lot to prove. How do you show prospective clients you have what it takes to sell their home?

Your value to your clients (and potential clients) lies largely in your ability to handle the details of their home search, transaction and closing that they aren’t equipped to handle themselves. They need to believe in you.

If your listing presentations aren’t earning you business, to put it simply: you’re doing it wrong.

Learn How to Get it Right

Most agents will get their chance to prove their merit at the listing appointment.

And make no mistake, you will have a lot to prove: that you have the skills, market knowledge and marketing savvy to effectively market their home; that you can help them get the best price possible; and that no one else can do it better than you can.

If that seems overwhelming, know that there are actually only five basic steps you need to follow for a winning listing presentation.

But First…

Before you’re ready to set your meeting in motion and execute those five steps, there’s some groundwork to be done.

You can begin setting the tone by being the proactive party in setting up the appointment and securing important details, such as:

  • Making sure that you’re meeting with people who can actually make a buying decision
  • If you can’t meet at the client’s home, confirming that the location has everything you need to present (a table, adequate seating, privacy, a quiet atmosphere)
  • Checking in the day before you’re scheduled to meet

These items may seem like common sense, but chances are your clients are busy and distracted by work, kids, or the demands of transitioning into a new home, so they’ll appreciate an agent who can keep things on track and hit the right balance between taskmaster and adviser.

Don’t Sabotage The Process With A Bad First Impression

All this preparation feeds into the overall impression you’ll make on the client. Before they feel ready to commit to anything, they need to be certain about you.

So do your research, create an agenda for yourself and dress to impress.

In a listing presentation, your sellers are trying to get a feel for how you work and whether you’ll be the right person for the job. So you’ll need to do your homework and show that you’re invested in them as clients and understand their situation:

  • What do you know about their neighborhood?
  • What do you know about their property?
  • What are the sellers’ names, whose is on the title, and what is their financial situation?

The more information you have, the more prepared you’ll be to handle their individual needs.

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