The Lead Generation Basics Real Estate Agents Can’t Afford to Mess Up

To make a living selling real estate, you need clients.

The life cycle of your leads—how you acquire them, convert them into paying clients, and handle the purchase and closing process – will define your business, but many new agents mishandle opportunities when they’re starting out, missing out on countless commissions.

The best agents—the top producers who sell millions of dollars in real estate every year—are lead generation experts. They’ve built their networks from the bottom up, and many of them enjoy lucrative referral business, which is key to running a sustainable real estate business.

Do you know how to not only find clients, but also make them so happy with your service that they’ll enthusiastically refer you to their friends and family?

How Do I Get Leads?

The first thing you need to know is where to find leads.

The core lead generation techniques you’ll need to master are marketingcommunity involvementopen housesbecoming a specialist and providing great service and expertise.

Once you’ve managed to drum up a steady stream of leads, organizing and properly handling those leads is the next step to turning them into clients.

How Do I Handle My Leads When I Get Them?

It’s best to have one central location to store all the client details you have collected. For many, a simple spreadsheet won’t be enough—to keep more robust records, you’ll want a more full-featured tool, a CRM (or Client Relationship Management) tool.

Not sure how to identify the right tool, or where to find it?

With AgentEDU, you’ll get actionable instruction on where to find leads, how to convert them and build up referral business and how to store and manage your prospects’ and clients’ information.

If you’re anything like most new agents, you need more than just a general overview of lead generation to get your business up off the ground. Your time is valuable, so stop wasting it on missed opportunities or unqualified leads – learn how to handle leads the right way.

AgentEDU’s targeted courses cover every aspect of lead generation, from the most basic principles for beginners to the advanced techniques employed by industry veterans.

AgentEDU® is a platform where agents at every level can come to watch 10-minute video courses for the many situations that successful agents must master. From essential to advanced level and everything in between, AgentEDU® courses help agents become top producers with increased earnings and a plan for continued growth.

AgentEDU® is an Agent Publishing brand. For nearly two decades, Agent Publishing has been committed to providing residential real estate professionals with the information and training required to build successful and meaningful careers in their local markets. Agent Publishing’s influence extends to every career stage and reaches agents across print, digital, events and online learning.

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