How to Correctly Use Facebook as a Marketing Tool

A marketing plan is key in both generating more leads as well as increasing exposure for your business. Given that the technology landscape is ever-changing, it also comes with its fair share of scrutiny and controversy at times. Here are a few best practices in utilizing Facebook as a marketing tool.

To mention Facebook is to also mention some of its downfalls. More recently in March, Facebook was charged with violating the Fair Housing Act by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In the suit, Facebook is accused of restricting who can view a housing-related ad, since Facebook allows users to customize ad campaigns to target certain people and locations.

Teachable Moment

The dispute with HUD and Facebook has created an opportunity for agents to adjust their marketing plans and educate their clients on the rules and regulations that come with marketing a listing. This means that when clients are asking for more social media engagement and bold ideas to get their property to sell, mentioning fair housing is key to being on the same page and clearing any confusion. This also calls for agents to check their marketing plans; if you use a third-party vendor it’s best to follow up on their alignment with the Fair Housing Act.

Make It Personal

It’s more than likely you’re active on some social media platform. Whether that’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube, you have the opportunity to reach out and create a brand image. With that in mind, creating content for your business profile doesn’t need to be pure real estate all the time. Adding in a personal touch — such as posting about what you do on your free time, with family, or on nights out with co-workers or fellow agents — creates more connectivity with your clients. It allows prospects to see you as a person, rather than just a business owner.


Another key component of any marketing plan is to be engaging with your clients through social media channels. Along with making it personal, this is another great way to connect with your followers and clients. Allocate some time, or even hire an intern to assist you, to write back to people who comment on your posts and take time to comment and like their posts as well.

Being a Dependable Source

With social media at everyone’s disposal, the issue of misleading information and confusion is also a problem. As an agent, building trust is an area you should always be working on, and this also means making Facebook a part of those efforts. Creating content that counters false information is a great way to become a dependable source. This can go hand-in-hand with educating your sellers in regards to the Fair Housing Act, but also it can be incorporated in marketing, such as showcasing your recent sales figures or the current state of the market.

In all, Facebook is a fundamental platform and needs to be a part of any marketing strategy you have. Incorporating Facebook in your business activities allows for more growth and exposure. However, as explained here, there are rules and regulations to follow and be aware of.

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